English Expressions #2

English Expressions #2

Hi, there! Welcome back to my English blog.

It’s been a while since I posted my last article. I’ve learnt some new English words, so I’ll write it just so I won’t forget!

Let’s go!!!


the ability to live forever, eternal life.

Back then, many kings wanted immortality life.

devote A to B

to give all of something, especially your time, effort, or love, or yourself, to something you believe in or to a person.

He devoted his life to the company.
The report recommends that more resources be devoted to teaching four-year-olds.


to support or defend a person, cause, or a principle.

He passionately championed the poor.
It was a cause championed by the tech billionaire.


to give all your attention and effort to one particular thing.

The actress now dedicates herself to children’s charity work.


the amount of time that someone or something lives, long life or the long time that something lasts.

The worms have a longevity of about two years.
The ancient Chinese claimed that garlic promoted longevity.


someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity.

He was one of the entrepreneurs of the 80s who made their money in property.


a statement that consists of a carefully considered opinion or judgement

Most people accept the proposition that we have a duty to protect endangered animals.